Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Did you know?

Women’s health is an economic issue we can’t afford to ignore.

We Found:

If we invest $20 million in coronary artery disease research focused on women, we get $2 billion in returns to our economy.

We Learned:

Coronary artery disease research focused on women is more than good science, it’s a good investment, with a staggering 9,500% return. We improve quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, and add over 12,000 years back to our workforce.

When we add $20 million for coronary artery disease focused on women we get large returns:

years with CAD eliminated
years of life added
years restored to our workforce

Pays for itself 95× over.

Generates nearly $2 billion in returns to the economy.

Brings a 9,500% return on investment.

Read the Research Brief:

THE WHAM REPORT: Societal Impact of Research Funding for Women’s Health in Coronary Artery Disease

Without information on the potential return on investment for women’s health research, stakeholders lack a basis for altering research investments to improve knowledge of women’s health. In this report, the authors examine the societal cost impact of increasing research funding in coronary artery disease and find that investing in women’s health research yields benefits beyond investing in general research.

Read the Complete Technical Report:

THE WHAM REPORT: Societal Impact of Research Funding for Women’s Health in Coronary Artery Disease

Nancy Brown
Dr. Nanette Wenger
Kalisha Dessources Figures
Susan Lucci and Dr. Stacy Rosen
Dr. Stacey Rosen
Dr. Annabelle Santos Volgman
Dr. Chloe Bird
Dr. Jennifer Hall
Dr. Jennifer Hall
Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, Private Practice Cardiologist Co-Founder and President, SRSHear
Dr. Stacey Rosen, Senior Vice President for Women’s Health, Katz Institute for Women’s Health
Dr. Alyson J. McGregor, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Director, Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine
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